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About VA  Hosts

Bob Dalton (52-55)

Jonathan (58-59)

Ghoulda  (58-59)

Ronald  (58-68)

Hazel Witch  (59-61)

Saturday Theater (62-64)

The Great Zucchini (68-70)

Bowman Body (70-83)

Sir Graves Ghastly (70)

Fright Night (70-71)

Slime Theater (71-75)

Count Gore (73-present)

House of Horror (74-75)

Dr. Madblood (75-present)

The Keeper (84-86)

Dr. Gruesome (88-95)

Dr. Sarcofiguy / Spooky Movie (95-present)

Mr. Lobo (03-04)

Monster Madhouse (06-present)

Jebediah Buzzard (06-present)

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Virginia Creepers is a full length feature documentary
chronicling the rich history of Virginia and DC area horror hosts hosted by Mr. Lobo!


SEE!   An array of horrifying ghouls and goblins haunting the Virginia airwaves for over 50 years in rare clips and photos!

HEAR!   The bloodcurdling sounds of long lost shows!

THRILL!  To see past and present hosts in a macabre tableau (whatever that is . . .) and witness interviews unseen anywhere else!

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Virginia Creepers Reviews!

Cleverly Placed Purchase Ops!

  • "The doc ably captures the ramshackle charm of these local productions, the dedicated people that made them and how they became neighborhood stars in the process.  Although focused on the local story, the doc cleverly ties the enduring popularity of these hosts back to the importance of regional broadcasting in the country."   --Paul Carupe, Rue Morgue #98

Virginia Creepers on DVD! Includes an extra hour of special features!



  • "The documentary did a fine job of keeping me consistently engrossed throughout. You cannot deny that Virginia Creepers does a sterling job in exhaustively researching its subject material and producing potted accounts of each of the shows, its host(s) and the behind-the-scenes story."

-- Richard Scheib, The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review.


The Lobby Card!

The poster/cover was developed by the talented George Chastain, based on the House of Dracula lobby card from the 1945 film. 




  • "The large number of hosts covered insures that the film moves briskly from one to another, leaving little excess time to slow down the pacing. The music is a definite selling point for the film, as it adds a lively background mood to what could otherwise be a rather dry series of interviews. . . . it is no exaggeration to say this is one of the best documentaries to be produced on this fascinating subject."

--John Stevenson, Scarlet Magazine, #5


Bowman Body





  • "Virginia Creepers is an incredible look into the lives of an under-appreciated group of entertainers who touched the lives of many people who grew up watching them. The interviews cover every minute detail of these shows and the old clips are a hoot. Hearing about the classic days of television and seeing how history was being made was fascinating and even at 2 hours in length, the film kept my eyes glued to the screen the whole time."

-- B Movies and Beyond Blog


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